• Career & Personal Development with Dr. Urs Hauenstein 

    Personal development

            I am a young person and when I am asked what I would like to do in life, what I am good at I have some hesitations to really know what are my strong points, my competences, what I really enjoy and what I would love to learn more and become my profession within next years.

    Last October I became part of the EduBiz Leadership Academy. Beside the complex program of development, together with my colleagues we were offered the opportunity to participate in the Personal and Professional Portfolio of Competences – PPPC Program, part of EduBiz Academy, coordinated by dr. Urs Hauenstein, President of INARD, International Network for Accreditation, Recognition and Dissemination: Benchmarking of competencies and qualifications from institutions and individuals.


    One of the most important aspects of the program is the personal development. Dr. Urs introduced us and we realised the importance of blending all forms of learning to really develop our skills: formal, non-formal and informal education. This process is all about bringing the informal methods of learning such as learning from past experiences or learning from your social activities into schools, the formal education. Knowledge is often useless without competences: to apply and use what you learn in every-day life and very important in your future work place. Personal development consists in a life-long learning and assess your skills and qualities, considering your values, aims in life and goals set in order to realise and maximise your potential. Our career should be one of the main places where we should form both good and bad experiences that helps us to improve our personal and professional development.

    Career Choosing


    To live a good life you need to unleash your potential and fulfil in the career that suits you. Our career is an important aspect of our lives and our society. I bet that for most of teenagers you wouldn’t find a catchier conversation topic than “What do you do for a living?”. Imagine that the average person spends up to 40 years in their workspace. When I am thinking to this long period, I should definitely consider my personal potential, values, beliefs, passions and preferences. But the reality hits hard when we are asked “What would you like to become?”, considering that we are not teached to develoip competences, to use our passions in learning. Luckily, the planet has experts able to guide us in this important journey, such as Dr. Urs Hauenstein, and EduBiz program.

    The first part of the Program

               In the first part of the PPPC Program dr. Urs Hauenstein guide us in the personal discovery journey… in a very open minded way. He has the talent of presenting things and driving you in essential topics without even realizing.  In the first workshop we learn about competences, about transferring knowledge into skills, what careers are most searched at the moment, and especially the competences that will make the difference in the next years. In few words: how to become a better version of yourself and how to live with an open mind: “Someone strong knows his weaknesses” says Dr. Urs and I totally agree with it. We learn how to identify your strengths and weaknesses and how to manage them. Another part of this workshop is building a Personal and Professional CV, how to identify your past, the potential in your family, your values, strengths, etc. This workshop is for students who want to develop not only on their professional side, but also on their personal side.

    The Program PPPC continues in January 2021 and I will let you know more, once we go on the journey.

    Dr. Urs Hauenstein


             Dr. Urs Hauenstein is the President of the International Council of Education and Management (ICEM), the Association of Swiss Quality Competencies and Qualifications (SQCQ), the Institute of Competencies and Qualifications in Switzerland (I-C-Q) and the International Network for Accreditation, Recognition and Dissemination in the UK (INARD). He is an Honorary Fellow at Leeds Beckett University, an Advisory Board Member for Internationalisation to the University of Lincoln and a Senior Fellow of Globethics Geneva and part of the Leaders Board of EduBiz Leadership Academy.

    Article wrote by Filip Caba – EduBiz blogger